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 I know its been a while but  I always make time for blogging and its been amazing fun.

Here I have Haute Couture look for you Fashion phobics :) Its got trend and style and that 'Omph' Factor. Okay, maybe not your regular 'Lady gaga' Style but very unique either ways.


Photography: Kevin Sinclair
Fashion Editor: Harold Jay Melvin
Makeup: Christine Lewis
Hair: Linh Nguyen
Model: Heather Marks @ Women

Black has so many looks!

Hey everyone...

I've been away for a while, held up in my usual crazy world. But always make time to come here and share my latest style interests..

This next look shows you how to actually wear black in all the styles possible. - from formal to casual and partywear! I know your dying to check it here goes!

Photography: Tim Bret-Day
Stylist: Ursula Lake
Make-up: Phyllis Cohen @ Debbie Walters Management
Hair: Keiichiro Hinaro @ Debbie Walters Management
Model: Dana @ Models1

MTV Movie Awards Style Highlights

MTV Movie awards had some of the fashion and style that I really liked. Selena Gomez arrived looking really pretty at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5, 2011, in Los Angeles. 

Gomez was a presenter at the show. AP Here are some of the highlights..I personally loved Emma Stone and Reese weatherspoon.

Forbes: Best-paid celebrities under 30

Access Atlanta has shared the 'Forbes: Best-paid celebrities under 30' I was pretty excited to see LADY GAGA top the chart! Shes really very talented performer and I simply love her music.

Lady Gaga tops the list, with an estimated $90 million in earnings over the past year. Wonder how many meat dresses she can buy with that amount of moolah? AP

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber ranks second, and is the youngest person on the Forbes list. His estimated earnings over the past year were a cool $53 million. That number doesn't look bad at any age, but looks really nice when you're only 17. AP

 Basketball star LeBron James came in third on the Forbes list. He's earned a cool $48 million over the past year. That won't quiet his many passionate critics, but sorry haters, LeBron is still laughing all the way to the bank, even without a championship ring. AP

 Tennis pro Roger Federer is next on the Forbes list, earning an impressive $47 million over the past year. He'll have plenty of gold trophies to kiss in his collection once he retires. AP

 Country-pop singer Taylor Swift has raked in an estimated $45 million over the past year. All of that money won't buy her true love, but writing about her broken heart has proven quite lucrative. AP

 Pop star Katy Perry had estimated earnings of $44 million over the past year. Not content with churning out hit albums, she also has her own perfume, called, Purr. AP

 While NBA stars dominate the list, in Europe, it's the soccer players that earn the big bucks. Real Madrid standout Cristiano Ronaldo has earned an estimated $38 million over the past year. AP

 Beyonce earned an estimated $35 million over the past year. She smartly juggles multiple endorsements in between albums to keep that cash flow strong. Looks like she can afford to put a ring on it herself. AP

 It should be no surprise that the world's best soccer player, Lionel Messi, has made the Forbes list of best paid celebrities under the age of 30. His nickname may be "The Flea" but his earnings are not tiny. It's estimated that he earned $32 million over the past year. Good thing he's got that big trophy to stuff all of that money in. AP

 Tennis star Rafael Nadal earned an estimated $31 million over the past year. No doubt his fans would still swoon over the hunky player even if he was penniless. MCT

 Rihanna has been dropping the hits since 2005, and it's paid off. The 23-year-old performer earned a cool $29 million over the past year. AP

 Tennis star Maria Sharapova is the top-earning female athlete in the world, according to Forbes. She earned an estimated $24 million over the past year, much of that coming through her clothing line and other endorsement deals. AP

 At just 18, Miley Cyrus is already a seasoned veteran in the entertainment world. She earned an estimated $15 million over the past year, and continues to move away from her 'Hannah Montana' days, with new movie roles and a tour in the works. AP

 'Twilight' stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson earned an estimated $20 million apiece over the past year. But the pair are not resting on their vampire-franchise laurels. As the series wraps up, they have their sights set on new projects. AP

Hats are in!

Ive really been fasinated with the hats that were seen in a recent Royal Ascot horse meeting of the Royals.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her grand daughter, Princess Beatrice, arrive Tuesday at the Parade ring on the first day of the Royal Ascot horse meeting Tuesday. 

The annual meeting spread over five days is one of the highlights of the English social season. AP Photo/Alastair Grant